OK....we are getting ourselves all set to go on our first caching adventures in the MDI area. We've got a list of caches we want to try to find, and we're pretty well prepared in the getting there and finding it area.
Let me describe what we're thinking and then give me some feedback on whether or not I've got this part of the "deal" straight .......

We have made up some "business cards" with our name and home location on our printer, covered them in clear contact paper and were thinking that we could leave those once we actually find a cache. I also bought some poker chips and we've put our names and location on those to leave behind too. Am I on the right track? What is too much or too little to leave behind? Also, since this is our first experience, I'm thinking that taking anything that someone wants tracked (like a travel bug or whatever) would be a really BAD idea since we may not be able to move it and/or place it right away. So, in general, for the absolute novice......what is the most/least we should do?
I know that you all will help me out AGAIN! My thanks in advance!!