Things have been quiet around here for a while so I thought I would spice it up with some article. Hope everyone has seen the posting for the first 3 exhibits of the GeoZoo in Orrington by EMSDanel.

He seems to be doing his zoo tour backwards as the first Exhibit it the closest to parking and Exhibits 2 & 3 are further away. Anyway - who cares - he is the "Zoo Keeper". I guess there is more to be seen in this area too!

These caches are not real challenging for experienced cachers or adults but I have to say - really play a great role in our community! First, he obtained permission from the land owner who has signs posted "access by permission only". So Geocachers are exempt. Second, this is a wonderful experience for all in a rural environment (farm land, forest, field, stream, etc.) near an urban setting. A real example of the "wildland urban interface" referred to in many articles about safety city to country.

Caches have been placed with good coords (according to my finds) and are simple enough for kids with a basic GPSr. My daughter keeps telling me her yellow Extrex is far superior for cache finds to mine (and I have to admit she may be right!). The caches would be fun find for kids - animals are always fun and these are user friendly. Cache #3 is a tad high for a little one but they surely would spy the cache (probably quicker than I did).

Not only is it fun - it is anticipatory as I have heard (from the Zoo Keeper himself), that there may be more Zoo Exhibits coming! Wow - That would be great fun! Another little hit is - the Zoo Keeper has offered to conduct a Zoo Keepers tour during my "Apres The Last Cache Bashe of Summer Event 2007" for those who might be interested. Sit back and wait , who knows how many animals you might pet under a headlamp! LOL If you have not done these caches and want to wait for the event, feel free to do do - PM me so I can give the Zoo Keeper and idea of how many may be interested.

We will make sure everyone has dinner before the Safari leaves! Dan - thanks for these great caches and your efforts to do child friendly caches in our area. Also thank you for being willing to offer a Safari during my event!