I would like to encourage more of you to cache in our area, especially in the fall when the weather is cool and the bugs are gone! We get a lot of geocachers from the campground but not too many of you venture up this way, and when you do, you often grab just one cache and ignore the others. Starting north of Kingfield, there are currently 13 active caches and two others that are temporarily disabled. Just above Kingfield, start with Geocache GC19AC. Next comes Narrow Gauge Trail CG14AZD; Fallen Arch GC4E52; A View of the Lake GC149W5; Bigelow Preserve GC14JRJ; Mooselook GCPC9P; Eustis Ridge II GCWEW5; OnRoadToMyersBeach GCWCFJ; Milwaukee Brewers GC14HEG; In Memory of Georgia GC131KY; By A Dam Site GCYC11; Chain of Ponds GCGP12; and Mainiac1957's Map38 Cache GCWT94. I have plans to put out some more. So other than distance and the price of gas, what keeps you away? Would you like more caches to make it worth a trip? I can always sprinkle the route with micros if need be. And if you need advice on how to find, where to stay, where to camp, where to kayak, just e-mail me, I'd be glad to help!