Anyody interested in helping?

A couple of weeks ago I had to leave ME and go to TX quickly do to a death in the imediate family. I made it from Benton to Augusta were my car's engine head blew. I got a rental in August and turned it in here in OH, my home state, prior to driving to TX and back. (almost 5,300 miles driven in six days)

This all means that my car, now fixed, is in ME and I am in OH. I was woundering if I attached a key to a travel bug, would cachers be intereed in driving the car towards OH, securing the vehicle, and dropping the TB with key in a near by and hopefully very well used cache. Of course, anyone who picks up the TB would need to get the location of the vehicle so there would be some way of knowing who had possetion of the vehicle. OR Coordination would need to be made with another cacher willing to help out. Any cacher who put fuel in the vehicle would be reimbursed.

If I find enough interested cachers I might be willing to do this.

Oh, yeah, the car has a manual transmission, but I am told in ME most of you can handle that.

Let me know what you all think.