I recently saw an add on Geocaching.com for gpsmadeeasy.com

Little known secrets about using your GPS that 99% of GPS owners will never know

Well I thought this was not me. I must be in the 1%. So I decided to check out the website and see how much I could learn. The web page asks you to list your first name and email address. It was on GC.com and powered by Google. It must be ok, so I gave them my email and waited for a return confirmation. Seconds later I got the email and opened it. They (Charles) will be sending me tips for using my GPS to it's fullest potential. I am not sure how often the emails will come, possibly daily. I received my first one, tip#1 a few minutes later. It discussed the basics of Global Positioning and how my GPS'r received and decoded them. The info was fairly basic and I knew most of it. I have included the link here if you would like to check it out. If I read something " spectacular " and you all need to know it. I will post it here on this thread. http://www.gpsmadeeasy.com/