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Thread: Gulf Hagas hike

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    Good luck . . . if you've never been to Gulf Hagas you're in for a real treat. Truly one of the most beautiful hikes in Maine . . . I went several years back in my pre-caching days . . . one of these days I've got to get back there and find Dave's cache.
    You were so right Firefighterjake! We had the best time and managed to grab our 500th cache to boot. Posted pics to the gallery today. Msteelee introduced us to caching so it was really great to hike that one with her and Brdad. We figured we did 6 miles in 6 hours. We'd do that hike again any time - it truly was beautiful!
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    Great pics PJ and I remember all those locations as well. Looks like the water was very low. It was almost knee high when we went and boy was it ever cold too....brrrrrrrrr.
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