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    Is anyone else not getting Instant Notifications when a new cache pops up. I have mine set to notify me if a cache pops up within 50 miles from home. I havent got the last 3 or 4 that have popped up around Old Town.

    Any thoughts would be great.

    These are the things that I thought of:
    My membership is still active
    I reveiwed the my info to make sure that hadnt changed and I checked my junk filter and made sure my email was still allowing them

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    I have had a problem down here in that they are slow to arrive. I have been on line to and seen new caches, and even gone out ond found one, before the message arrived a day later.

    I would check that you have opted for the type of cache to be sent to you. I had some trouble initially in that I had not checked off all the types of information that I wanted to be sent.

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