The other day, a new cache popped up in my area of the woods. Since Haffy is now in South Carolina, and since this cache wasn't too far from home, I decided to go for the FTF.

So... I get to the parking spot, and immediately see what I believe to be a "geotrail" - rather faint because the cache hasn't been found yet - but a trail nonetheless. The parking spot is about 500 feet from the cache.

So I star following the trail, and after about 50 feet, the trail disappears. I'm looking around, wondering which way the cache owner went, when I realize I'm in the middle of an active marijuana plantation! I sure wasn't following a geotrail!!!

Anyway, I emailed the cache owner and GPSFun, and the cache is no longer listed. Sorry toker dudes and dudettes! LOL!

It's that time of year, so watch where you're treading! There may be more than poison ivy near that cache!

(For those that are wondering... NO, I didn't log the cache! I left in a hurry. LOL!)