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Thread: Lewiston area off road park

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    Quote Originally Posted by The G Team View Post
    . . . For those with less intestinal fortitude regading vehicle damage, ATVs are also allowed
    That would be me!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hiram357 View Post
    Thanks for the offer Rick!! That is definitely something to ponder upon, maybe something in october? (I need to sit down and get all my dates in order, theres so much stuff goin on this weekend... where'd summer go???)
    Tell me about it. I don't have one single weekend free until October 20th and that is not for sure either. I am taking a weeks vacation the first week of October just to do work on the web site maintenance and to work on a special web site project. I have not had a weekend this summer or fall to enjoy for myself yet. Now it looks like I may not even make the event this weekend. I am bumming.
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