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Thread: Please Log Those Geocoins and TB's!

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    Quote Originally Posted by brdad View Post
    Perhaps if you have a coin for discovery at an event you do not wish to be taken (honestly or dishonestly), you should print out a nice photo of it and leave that on the TB table. You could even blur out the tracking number and note on the photo if anyone wants to discover it they can come and find you to do so and see the real coin. It may be a PITA, but at least you'll have your coin, and if they really want to log it they will take the effort to find you.
    That's a good idea. I usually carry mine in the little tin - and then I loose it the big events folks have lists.........not quite the same.

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    Default Where's Our Coin???

    Did anyone take RULOST2?'s Civil War Geocoin #4 Shiloh from the Last Cache Bashe event? It's still listed as being at the event, but Maniac1957 doesn't have it. Sheesh! We just released it at that event, and hate to think it's gone already!

    And there are SEVERAL other coins listed in the cache as well. Please, if you have them, log them out!

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    Sorry Bruce, not here... (hope it shows up though, to date all of my TBs and coins are MIA)
    Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back in the same box.

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