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Thread: Western Maine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kacky View Post
    No, dahlin. May is blackflies.
    Uh-oh...I'll have to bring netting!

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    Well we did make it up to Millinocket for those two days last week. My first trip north for snowmobiling. We put in 111 miles the first day and 107 the second. I tell ya, having a 40 lb terrier laying on the gas tank spreading your legs apart while you try to keep them together for 5 hours of riding is sure tough on you. I couldn't walk upright when I finally stopped. I can't remember if it was Dave that said he had a camp up there, but snowmobiling is sure different there than around here. Found one cache in town too. I looked but they don't have many close by right in Millinocket.

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