We just went to Greenville caching for a couple of days. I think it was Firefighterjake who mentioned that and got me thinking about it. Nice! No urban micros. No micros at all! Beautiful places. We got a total of 17 scenic ones. Kingsbury Pond was a nice stop along the way and I got a vial of real gold out of the cache. It seems Mainecoondog put out 50 vials around the state. Has anyone else found one? Also liked Twisted Sister Cedar Stump on the AT in Monson, beautiful lake and a loon calling. The B52 Crash Site was great. I didn't expect to like it but found it impressive. And Mountain View Pond was really beautiful as was Lily Bay Cache (more loons calling). Got Toby Falls on the way back. Someone had built an impressive fairy house there, slate steps, door.... and the falls were lovely! And I liked Three Town Lines, not for the area but because I got to meet Imonfire and her young son. He loves "treasure hunting" and is very cute. He watches out the window for people looking for his cache. So if you have time, stop and get that one, wave to him, and meet C. I think Imonfire has about 10 caches out in that area so it's worth a day trip.

I liked all of the caches we found and plan to do that trip again next year. Anyone know of good caches around Baxter Park?