It is October again and Hiram, Stef, Tink and I are planning what we hope to be a yearly event to Wheelbarrow pitch. This is a camping area located off the Golden Road 13 miles out of Millinocket. We are looking at the weekend of October 5 and 7 with the possibility of leaving Friday afternoon. You will need a vehicle with some ground clearance to get into this place.

I was thinking of making this an even and calling it the “Last Dash Camping Trip”. If we can get enough people interested I will make this an event.

Here are our plans for the weekend for caches we would like to do, Omaha Beach, The Big Victory at Little Omaha, Debsconeag Ice Caves, Postcard From The Mountain, Sticks and Stones, Havin’ Abol, Pitman Mt. There may be more that we can add to the list.

Please let’s hear from anyone else that is interested.

Here are the directions on how to get there from Golden Road.

The entrance to the road off Golden road is at N 45* 46.618 W 068* 53.479

At N 45*46.160 W 068* 56.022 TURN RIGHT going straight will take you to Omaha Beach.

At N 45* 46.619 W 068* 56.944, you will be at Little Omaha Beach, go right and continue onwards. You will pass a boat launch. Right after the boat launch there will be a left turn with a sign for Wheelbarrow Pitch.