OK, So I have an interesting story for you all. We, as many of you know, are in Vermont for the week. We went to do an interesting cache today. You were to go to a walk in only cemetery and read numbers from 2 stones to get coords for the final. When I walked into the clearing I see a fresh dug hole. Now keep in mind that there is no possible way for any equipment to get there. The hole is not long enough to be a grave, BUT it is wide enough as well as deep enough. And it was definitely fresh dug. Now the strange part. One of the stones that we went to find was broken off and down in the freshly dug hole! We could only assume that it was the one since we didn't find it anywhere else. I tried to clean it off with a long stick, but had no luck, and I was NOT going down in there. I have to believe that someone was trying to rob a grave. As I said, this cemetery is a quarter mile bushwhack. Not a frequented place at all. I emailed the owner and suggested he contact the local authorities.