EMSDanel joined the Geocaching community on 10/18/2006 and started his finds with one of my caches, Meadows Dam, on 10/23/06. It has been a straight forward endeavor since then.

Dan has personally shared with me his passion for Geocaching is not only driven by the hunt, but, also by using this medium as a means to stay healthy and fit. In fact, Dan will explain to you how Geocaching has improved his health.

I applaud not only his 1000th find and more, surely it will be more than I see today, while he and his partner, Risteen are on a business trip in Florida - but also his commitment to the Geocaching community. From putting out Quality caches, donation to functions, teaching, supporting, mentoring and particiation in events to being a community helper (as the coordinator of a yearly Cancer Fund raiser in the Ellsworth area) - Dan is a well rounded professional.

Congrats to Dan on this level of achievement (not one achieved by many in a year - let alone shy of a year )! On to many more - but I know there has been a personal promise to a special person in his life to slow down a bit! Hope to see Dan & Risteen at many more events and hope to support them too!

Congrats my friend!