OK, I guess I'm going to have reread everything when my mind isn't mush from a too-busy day! Thanks for the suggestions on GPS units. I guess it'll come down to what we can get (Garmin or Magellen) that has the most bang-for-the-buck! LOL

Hollora - I saw that! At Friends and Family right? We're on the other side of Sebago Lake and haven't camped there, but it sounded like it was fun. Too late for us though!

Karen - I'll keep an eye out for that event! A lady that does my kids library activity times told me the other day that her husband does a geocaching introduction for kids in the spring at the library for free. It'll be neat to get to some of these group events to meet more people!

Well, I'm off to finish up camp laundry! Eeks! I'll reread tomorrow!