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For you four wheeling hard-core nuts I learned of something yesterday that may perhaps someday help you out . . . a co-worker and some of his friends were out four wheeling/camping last weekend when one of the guy's Scout's gas tank sprung a small leak (there were other issues as well involving other vehicles but they're not so interesting stories) . . . they had a gas tank patch . . . but unfortunately it was pretty old and no good . . . so one of them suggested using some bubblegum to patch the hole since they had read about it in some four wheeling magazine . . . ended up sticking a couple pieces of chewed up bubble gum into the hole and then running some duct tape over that . . . no problems or leaks for the rest of the trip.
bubble gum (not the actual chewin stuff, but the same compound of stuff) is used in oil spill cleanups, because some technical jargon stuff of the oil attaches to some other technical jargon stuff of the gum because they both share some kinda technical jargon stuff in the compounds...? (I dunno, i saw it on the discovery channel...)