I have searched the previous threads and haven't been able to find the info I am looking for, so will start a fresh thread. I have cached without paper for quite awhile and am in a quandry!

I use an iPAQ Pocket PC and in the past have used GPXSonar - a PPC Cachemate type program. Unfortunately, the battery in my PDA died and when I got it back on it had lost information and programs that I had in it. Did you know it isn't a good thing to drop one? AND did you know that periodically one should put it in the charger? hehehe I guess the combination of the two took me down a path of retribution. UGH

Since I had experienced this problem before I knew exactly what to do......... go to GC.com and download the program through the link on the resources page. But what I didn't know is that the GPXSonar program is no longer available. I haven't been able to find it there or anywhere else. Ai yi yi - I have looked at other programs ........ GPX View and BeeLineGPS ......... but am not finding something that will work. I looked at iSilo and the GPX Spinner programs as well thinking the two together might work, but got lost. Perhaps I shouldn't have attempted that on a Friday night after a long and grueling week.

So, for my fellow cachers who successfully use a Pocket PC for paperless cachers, I beg for your assistance. What program(s) do you use? Can you provide me with installation directions?