After over 100,000 miles and several good years it's time for me to part with my beloved Toyota Celica beater car . . . we've shared some fond memories . . . like having to do four brake jobs on it . . . or having the alternator die leaving me stranded in the "Bermuda-Benton Triangle" before Hiram rescued me . . . or . . . well you get the picture.

In any case, here's the ad in case anyone knows any fool . . . I mean any mechanically gifted optimist who thinks they really want to buy this car. Be forewarned . . . I'm no used car salesman.

FOR SALE. 1990 Toyota Celica Beater/Junker/Clunker. 179,900 miles. Own your very own Maine beater car. Problems? You betcha. Engine burns oil. Interior dash lights no longer functional. Radio doesn't work. Needs front brakes/calipers and possibly rotors. Some rips and missing chunks of foam in driver's seat. Driver's side fender is rusting through. Driver's side and passenger side floor pans need to be replaced to get inspection sticker. Rear trunk key latch no longer works -- but it does open with the inside trunk release. Paint is fading, multiple scratches. About the only good things I can say is that it gets 35 mpg . . . and has new tires as of this past summer and a new alternator as of three months ago. $500 or best offer . . . key emphasis on the words "best offer" . . . would make an excellent boat anchor or gag gift for geocache . . . or better yet hide it in the woods and make this a geocache container. For more info (although what more you would need to know is beyond me) feel free to PM me . . . or just follow the blue cloud of smoke coming from the exhaust.

Oh yeah . . . I'm being serious here . . . I'm really getting rid of this car -- with some luck.