All of us have been sailing the Geocaching seas since the event. I am hoping some Pirate who attended put a special TB in the booty bag and it has become forgotten.

One of the TBs at the 2007 Maine Pirate Quest was a photo copy of a US Passport with a TB tag. A number of folks discovered it - and it was not left on the TB table when everyone departed.

One of the attendees (who was a new cacher) inadvertantly logged it as retreived when she did not take it. We got that corrected and dropped it back in the event hoping whoever took it would log it out.

We have a Pirate who has not owned up to the deed of taking this plunder. The TB owner would like this back in circulation - or someone may walk the plank.

If you sailed your ship to the Event last March - please check your booty and sail bags for the missing Passport TB. You don't have to declare on here - just punch in the trackable number on to get it logged and move it along.

Who knows - there might even be a bounty...............