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How about a design contest? Everyone that wanted to could come up with a final completed design, front and back and and post the image on a thread just for the contest. Give a deadline for entries. Then let Sudonum, Since he's willing to run with this, pick the final 2 designs. Those 2 designs will be posted and given a deadline for voting.
The magic word is DEADLINE !!!! Everyone knows there is a coin coming out and everyone can tell someone etc...
There has to be a time limit or it will run into next year! Unless a 2008 - 2009 Caching season coin was to be made.
I want to say again,... I like all designs I've seen and would buy any of them if it was minted!!
Thanx for listening,
I like the idea. I would be afraid that not to many people would contribute to the contest that have not already posted there ideas though. I could be wrong.