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Thread: 2008 Geocaching Maine Geocoin

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    I also vote for the July 1st drop dead date. The circle coin with the cut-out of Maine is cool and I'd like to see that done. No matter what part of the world you are from you will identify that this is the "Maine" coin. I still love the cabin/winter caching in Maine scene (that is soooo Maine) which could go on one side and the multiple scenes...fly fishing, skiing, etc. on the other. My four cents worth....

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    I have kept my nose out of most of this. I am an artist and will submit ideas for next years coin (if there is one) But I wanted to "keep my mouth shut" and just watch the process this year. I like all the designs, but hide_from_the_kids' coin idea seems to be well thought out and has the kind of uniqueness we are all looking for. and July 1st is great.

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