The recent loss of 10 of Maine's 38 virtual caches prompted me to think about virts. Of those 38, one was never logged - it was approved by mistake and archived the same day. 14 of Maine's virts are now archived, never to return, leaving 24 available.

So, the question is - what are you favorite virtuals, Maine or otherwise?

The hardest virt I ever did was in DC, Trev's "Freedom" Cache (GC39A9) by Trevelyan's R&R and Guy Nelson (3.5/1). Lee, Myself, and one of Lee's sons were hours trying to get the answers for that cache. We read everything we could at least once, asked the attendants, looked up down and over, took pictures, and were about ready to log a DNF when I decided to go back to the posted coordinates and pretend I had never been there before. And there, right in front of me - was the answer! I'm sure some people have done this cache and had no problem, but we had to work for this find.

As far as Maine virts, I'd have to say Watch your step... (GC98BA) by Fusto (3/3) is a favorite. And Lee and I liked Poor Old Bet.... (GCH1VN) by BostonTerrier (1/1) for the story.