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Thread: Breakfast & Caching - 11/11

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    Lightbulb Breakfast & Caching - 11/11

    It is to late to get this posted as an actual event on but let's do it anyway!

    Many of you may be planning on attending or thinking about attending the Resurrecting Beer and Wings Event (GC15Y3R)in Bangor this coming weekend. Some of you, I know, are planning on staying over Saturday night and this may convenience others to do so.

    Team2Hunt, Foxgloves and I were talking and thought it would be fun to get together for breakfast Sunday morning. So a plan it is:

    Sunday morning, 10:00 AM, Central Street - Bangor, at the Bagel Shop. (I will post coords later this week.) Everyone is welcome - dutch treat of course. The Bagel Shop is kosher and offers a large variety from bagel, eggs, to cream cheese & lox. There should be something for everyone.

    After we have filled our tummies, a few of us are planning to go tackle the cache "Cool Tools" (GCVPHQ). Others may choose to head in another direction - we will start the day together and disburse from there.

    Just a light and fun wrap up to a weekend. If you are considering joining us, please post a note. There is no reserve seating but we will do our best to save you a spot.
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