Hi just introducing myself as a new Geocacher. My wife and I new to the game. We're out of Windham. Great place to start, it's a Geocache mine field of sorts. We snatched up 25 or so caches so far. We having fun. It's funny how many I've stopped to grab on the way home from work. We bring our dog Mattie with us most of the time. I wish she could sniff them out, it might make it easier. Like I mentioned on the other site, a lot of the other micros mess with us, but we like the challenge.

We've really gotten friends and family involved with the game as well. I've dragged my folks to them in Rockland. Friends to them in Windham. It's fun to chat about.

PS there's a Big Al's near the mall, great for SWAG.

Hope to be signing your logs soon.

120 Watts