The Advisory Board has recently been discussing the issue of members not being informed in a timely manner of information that may be important to them. A recent example of this is the design and sale of the 2007 geocoin, where some members were not aware the coin sales had started until after the deadline.

In an effort to help with this issue, the site will begin offering an Email newsletter on a regular basis, in which members can opt in or out of as they choose. The frequency of these mailings is yet to be determined, but will most likely be quarterly or monthly. Non-scheduled Emails may also be sent if an issue arises that requires prompt attention. The newsletters will be a simple message in text format listing the important issues of the time period and will not contain advertisements.

In order to receive these mailings, you must have the "Allow Email from Administrators" option checked in your Control Panel and you must have a valid email address entered. To change or verify these settings:

Click on "UserCP" in the top menu of the web site.
Click on "Options" in the left menu
Make sure "Allow Email from Administrators" is checked in the "Receive Email" section
Click on "Edit Email and Password" in the left menu
Make sure your correct email address is entered in the "Edit Email Address (Optional)" section

If you already have these settings correct, you should receive an email similar to this post.

We are also looking for an individual or team who are regular visitors to the site to help create this newsletter. If you are interested in volunteering or have questions about the newsletter, reply here.

All comments are a collaborative effort of the board members.