Hey everyone! I'm very new to this sport and I am looking at different GPS units and how they work. I already have the ones that I want to attempt around my house area. I'm hoping to snatch up one on Friday during Black Friday if I can find one on sale....

What ones do you find would be good for a newbie? I'm pretty computer/technical savvy so I could figure just about anything out. I take it from what I read you have a computer program that hooks up to the GPS unit and that is where you enter the Coordinates of the cache? Sorry if I sound really quite naive because well I am! ha-ha I have a computer (obviously as I'm writing this) so that wouldn't be an issue.

I looked and I didn't really see this exact question around the forumns anywhere...if someone has a used one i'd be open to that as well for the right price. I'm not brand specific even though some of you I see are so that's not really an issue for me either - at least till I get one!

Anyways thanks in advance for any help!