B52 Crash Stash

We recently adopted this cache and had made plans to check on it this weekend.

We drove the 80 miles to check on this one, and the last 10 miles were close to impassable. The access road to the site was glare ice but we dropped it into 4WD and took on the challenge. Finally, at the site, we worked our way through snow and a crusty coating of frozen rain...and was unable to retreive the container from the location that I remember it to be in.

I have disabled the listing until spring. I do believe that the container is still there. If anyone happens to be in the area, and remembers the location...please attempt to locate this and secure it high in the tree. Take care that it can't be seen from the road, but off the ground. It would be greatly appreciated.

We made it safely back out the access road, and finally found tar road again. I think this location is worthy of a cache, and I can't wait to get back in the spring to be able to enjoy more than I did today!

Always an adventure here at the Cache Maine camp!