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Thread: Mt. Agamenticus Event Cache

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    Default I agree Tat

    I think maybe this should be an event type cache and maybe come up with a better area on the 16th of April,Geocaching.Com's official CITO day. I know Brad has mentioned a park in Bangor that could really use it. Maybe there is another place in Southern Maine that could use the help. Not being from Southern Maine I am not familiar with the the areas so maybe someone from there could help organize one for that day or another weekend close to it.
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    Default Caches that need CITO

    Here are all of the caches that have had reports of trash problems. I wonder if we could have 10 simultaneous events and clean up the whole state? This would be a great way to show our appeciation for the cache owners who have brought us to their "diamond in the rough" cache.

    For all the paperless cachers, here is another way to mine data. I used GSAK to search for the word "trash" and got 46. Then, I eliminatated all that just had a request to trash out, or had a trash bag or just geotrash in the cache container.

    Belfast By the Bay by noreasta

    There have been recent trashed items at the start of your walk, bare with mess and it will be worth the rest of the walk

    The Horserace by Diggler

    The pond is beautiful,too bad certain people think that it is a big trash bin

    The Hiram Falls Cache by Team Trout

    Definitely in need of CITO! Feel free to bring an extra trash bag for this area

    Sanborn Pond Cache by Cache Buccaneers

    …spent about an hour picking up food wrappers, cardboard, clothing, and other trash. Enough to fill an entire tucker tote. We didn't get it all either. There's plenty more. Why do people do this to such a nice little place?!?!?!

    GPS Orientation by loonylady

    …all the trash. What a shame that people do that.

    SOLDIERS' VIEW by catrick

    I notice there is alot, I mean alot of trash in theat area. Enough to fill my car.. but it was raining hard and the wind was blowing. I was soaked already from looking for the cache. I will most likely go back sometime and clean up the trash!

    Farbucks 13 - Mmmmmm!!! by SBUX

    Found with minimal effort but all the trash in the area was distracting.

    Bear's Den by Trailmasters II 2004

    A garbage bag of trash was nearby the cache but we had no means of getting it out easily. Had to leave it there.

    Steep Falls by derhntr

    We trashed out a bit, but our one bag we had filled up quick.


    Too bad there is so much trash. Some people have to spoil it for the rest of us.

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    Post warmer weather

    We hope to be participating in the event in Florida with family. I think what ever you do it will make a difference. Just sorry we have to miss out.
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