Was able to help with T2H's PDA but this is a 5/5 for me ........ so, no can do.

Wonder if the area is heavily hunted if a Lost add in Uncle Henry's would help - or signs on the trees near where you went in? It might be found - any ID on it? What a bummer.....but you never know - it might find it's way home.

I lost my PDA on Vinal Haven this summer when I went out. On a hunt for the cache which is on the trails - back side of the island. Thought it was gone forever and was going to post a finders fee notice by the ferry terminal when we left. Was traveling with wellsuh and mondrake, who said - let's just walk back in that trail where we started for a bit. That was a good move - voila - there is was about 50' in. I had lost it a long while before I realized it was gone.

You just never know.