Well after many months of traveling from cacher to cacher and not going through the channels of cache to cache,today I picked up the Cachers Logbook TB/coin that Hiram had started as a TB to travel to me here in SC. I couldn't get my agenda to coincide with Barefoot and LisaS's but they placed the TB in a cache about 8 miles from my home http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache...5-325e313c3a75 I picked it up after work today...WooHoo!!!!. Many thanks to all the cachers who made it possible to get this TB to me and I will at some time in the not too distant future make sure it will have another cacher to travel to. Right now I am enjoying looking at all the signatures. I have a cacher in mind who lives in Iowa so we'll see. Isn't it amazing how cachers are really so close yet they live so far away? Thanks again Hiram!!!!!

Crap and I can't even spell either......I Go It? I meant I got it.