As some of you are aware, the Board has started a Geocaching Maine Newsletter. Discussion at

I have volunteered to write the newsletter with Board oversight. We have decided to open up a discussion to choose a name for the newsletter. No ideas have yet been put forward, but we hope for something that is encompassing of the geocaching maine community and creatively fun

Post your ideas, thoughts, and reactions to others' posts

PS The first newsletter will be sent near the first of December, with the boring title of Geocaching Maine Newsletter. The Geocaching Maine Newsletter will come monthly through the email in your Geocaching Maine Profile. To receive the newsletter, click on "UserCP" in the top menu of the web site at, click on "Options" in the left menu, make sure "Allow Email from Administrators" is checked in the "Receive Email" section. Click on "Edit Email and Password" in the left menu, make sure your correct email address is entered in the "Edit Email Address (Optional)" section.