I was wondering how many of you cachers have been out looking for a cache and have bumped into other geocachers. When I went to visit with my sister this past November, I took a day off to do some caching in Lancaster SC where my sister lives. I had some bad luck with the first 2 that I tried to find that day and was getting pretty bummed about it. I hate those DNF's don't you? Anyway on my 3rd attempt for the day I finally found one. As I was getting into my car another car pulled up into the parking area of this park where the cache was hidden. This guy got out and I noticed that he had a Magellan in his hand and a bunch of printed out sheets which turned out to be the cache pages for all the caches he had printed out for the day. I struck up a conversation with him and told him that I had just found the cache and that I would gladly join in on his hunt. After we found the cache together we decided to go and find the previous other 2 caches that I had not found and a couple of others. Needless to say the other 2 that I didn't find ended up not being there at all because of being muggled. Guess it happens all over. Anyway I made a new friend and we email each other on occasion. So what do you people have for experiences with bumping into other cachers?