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Wow...I started this post a long time ago and lost track of it and found it again..thanks to all of you. We rode the trails in Newport...nice but rail trails can be boring..also rode most if not all the trails out of Bingham..most caches are great..Deathwish ,CRAZY..but a little off the trail: Foster's Solitude...awesome but again off the trail. Foss Pond boat launch..fun, I could go on but again attributes show ATV and they are off the trail. I don't like to get landowners mad so we miss a lot of caches that we probably could ride right up too. Would LOVE more info about the trail out of The Airline Diner so firfighter jake you seem to be the pro, please give me more info...camping, caches, fall lodging..Thanks!
The Newport to Dover-Foxcroft trail is a great trail . . . as long as you know what you're in for (usually lots of dust and it can be a rather boring ride as it is pretty much straight as it is an old RR line.)

I'm not a pro, but I'll share what knowledge I have about the Sunrise Trail and I'm hoping others will chime in. General knowledge: The Sunrise Trail is an ATV trail downeast that is comprised of something along the order of 600 miles of trails ranging from old logging roads, blueberry barrens, old wood tote roads and specific ATV-cut trails. While there are many ways to access this trail system I would wager that one of the more popular jumping off spots for folks trailering to this area would be at the Airline Snack Bar on Rt. 9 located in or near Beddington. The Airline Snack Bar owners have long been friends to the ATV community by providing free parking behind their store and by providing a small diner, gas station and general store at this location -- and there is a public bathroom built by the DOT. In addition, the owners have a no-frills motel here and small campground.

There are also several camping sites located along the Sunrise Trail system, but to be honest I don't know much about them in terms of reserving sites, prices, etc. I do know that a few of the ones that I have seen are quite nice and there are a few primitive sites as well. Other possible lodging sites could be found at the Nicatous Lodge near Burlington, camps at Grand Lake Stream (a very ATV friendly community where ATVs are allowed on all public roads as long as they maintain the proper speed limit) and in some of the larger communities nearby which may or may not be directly on the Sunrise Trail system.

The last I looked there wasn't a huge amount of caches along the Sunrise Trail system. EMSDanel has a micro at Grand Lake Stream and Evil Homer has placed a cache or two along the trail and you may grab one or two at Chick Hill, but again, it's not like Menace's caches along the Newport rail trail.

In general I would say that most rides are day rides. If you ride north you should expect to put on 80-125 miles round-trip . . . if you ride south you will put on a few less miles, but it will take about the same amount of time due to some muddy/rocky terrain near Cherryfield.

For the record, I love riding on the Sunrise Trail . . . and personally recommend it to every ATVer . . . that and making sure you go to the County at least once as it is a very ATV friendly area as well with lots and lots of trails . . . nothing like riding beside the potato and broccoli fields, crossing huge railroad trestles (well former RR trestles) or riding on the sidewalks in Van Buren and seeing a cop wave as you pass by him is one of the most surreal experiences I have ever had as an ATVer.