If you are looking for a short ATV/Caching ride check out the Whistle Stop Trail from Farmington to Jay. I went on this ride last Friday with a couple of other ATV'ers who don't cache but wanted to go along for the ride despite my frequent stops. There are currently 4 caches on the Farmington end, one at an old granite quarry about half way to Jay and a couple more on the Jay end. I suspect there will soon be more. The trail is about 16 or 17 miles long with lots of things to see along the way.

We ran into Gob-ler who was walking the Farmington end of the trail early in the morning and had a nice chat. We found 6 of the 7 caches and grabbed some lunch in Jay. There was some rain for our return trip to Farmington but that's why we carry raingear.

Thanks to Katahdin Goddess, Mapachi, Patriotsgame and Raline from Maine for putting the caches out. This was my third ride on this trail and it was the caches that brought me back.