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Thread: Santa was good to me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haffy View Post
    By the way what is Scott and MSA anyway?
    Scott is a guy I went to elementary school with . . . and unfortunately today he has a bad back because one time in elementary school we decided to try to set a seesaw record like we saw on the Brady Bunch, but unfortunately we were limited to doing this during recess and then one day the bell rang since recess was over and I jumped off, but Scott was at the top and the seesaw dropped him straight to the ground injuring his back . . . .

    The MSA is the Maine Snowmobile Association . . . a group that is an advocate for the activity of snowmobiling in Maine. They produce a monthly newsletter and are directly involved with legislation pertaining to snowmobiling and public land access.

    Scott and MSA also happen to be two of the leading manufacturers of air packs that firefighters (and other safety professionals) use when entering environments where the person needs to have their own breathable air (i.e. smoky environment, low oxygen environment, etc.)
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    Ok Scott pack I gotcha!!!
    Just smile it won't crack your face

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    Default Thank you Santa.....

    What a great gift! The best way to learn is to attend one of the many events, in the area. There's always someone willing to give out a few hints and tips. I believe the Celebrate 2007 in January will have a techie table like last year. We sure answered a lot of questions.

    OR .......just ask here.
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