We had one of Andrew's TB go missing, we emailed several times and with no response from the holders. So we basically wrote it off. Well out of the blue it showed back up. I'm think I see why we got no response...can you figure it out? (Hint: look at user's name...3/6/2005 vs. 1/6/2008).

1/6/2008 hopeandjefffoster placed it in Travel Bug Pit Stop Indiana [visit log]

1/5/2008 hopeandjefffoster grabbed it [visit log]
firetruck is back off and running! dropped off in t.b. pit stop in indiana but won't let me log it 4 some reason[This entry was edited by hopeandjefffoster on Sunday, January 13, 2008 at 7:02:45 PM.]

3/6/2005 stacie-n-jeff-foster retrieved it from Nature Photography VI - Signature Holly Kentucky [visit log]
will go to indiana