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Thread: Dead tb

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    Well, At least you tried.
    But you never know, It may show up. I just read about one that was just left in my brother, KD1EJ cache in RI. The person said he had it WAY too long. He found it in a coat he hadn't worn for awhile, March 2007, I think it was.And now he's wearing it again. Figures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave1976 View Post
    Just sent another email to the owner of my dead tb and I doubt it will be answered. You win some you loose some
    And sometimes you lose some.
    "Courage is not the absence of fear, but the realization that there is something more important than fear."

    "Death is only one of many ways to die."

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    Just came across this thread and though I'd add my little bit to it. I've had six TBs that I activated, all have gone MIA (the last log was in '06). One I dropped off in a cache in NH, it traveled to Florida in one jump, then nada. Another I dropped off in my own cache (Clifford Park Cache) and someone grabbed it without even logging it.

    Arrrggghhh!!! Makes me a little hesitant to get some more. I try to do my best to log and release whatever TBs that I find as quickly as possible, but I have been known to hold onto one for a long stretch of time.

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