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Thread: Gsak

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    Default I will be there...

    I can show you what I know how to do. I'm sure other will have more tricks too.
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    Arent macros those coconut cookies that are always made for the holidays??

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    Haffy, or anyone else who hasn't tried - have you figured out how to install a macro? I'd write a short tutorial, but the GSAK help file should be sufficient.

    Try installing my macro using those instructions, and we can see if anyone needs help with that much.

    Learning to install a macro should be simple enough, and the ease of running them depends on the interface created by the macro creator and the complexity of the macro.

    Creating a macro can be more intense, but creating basic ones should be relatively easy to learn. I've gotten great help from the forum members at GSAK in that regard.

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    I guess I won't be allowed access as I only have version I was cheap and didn't want to spend another 25 bux for the updated version after I was told when I first bought it it would be free from then on.
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