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If your cache goes missing, but you want to maintain it in that general area, do you disable it until you can get back out there to replace it, or do you archive it and place a new one? We have tended towards the latter, often appending the roman numeral II, III, etc. to the cache name. In this way, we allow cachers a new find, and it also serves as a historical record of our cache placements.
Interesing take on things. I'm not sure I completely agree with this. If it is in the same general area, it is basically the same cache with a new container. A completely new listing with a new roman numeral that folks can post a new find for is pretty much the same thing as people coming back and logging a second find for the same the cache. I think is just a matter of splitting hairs about folk's opinions of what is and what isn't within the rules.

I think it is somewhat contradictary to say that if you replace a cache and don't start a new page then folks can't log a new find, but if you do start a new cache page for the rehide they can. It really is the same thing whether a new cache page is started or not.

As for the hitorical record issue, just posting a dated note on the cache page that it was replaced seems like record enough.