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    Ahoy all ye readers:

    Buchaneers Cache Maine and hollora are readyin the deck o’ their ship for another Quest her’a in Maine. The Jolly Rogers will be out an’ dubloons will be in the sacks. There will be fun for all at tha 2nd Annual Event here in Maine. Now some of the attendees will be Sprogs but surly seasoned mates wil’ be on hand and on the planks o’ the deck.

    We be askin’ for help with trinkets to keep this crew appeased so they won’t be stealin’ the ship. Anythin’ in your bucket o’ booty ya might be sendin’ our way – would help keep these hoodlims in bay. They all be bringin’ their own food and the grog is already squeezed n’ seasonin’ (it bein’ family fare ya know).

    We be needin’ th' goods before the Quest. The hol' o' the ship needs packin' befor' th' buckaneers arriv. If you be a matey to help, use tha new wire, shoot a line to ralphh(at) . Aye, even the smallest, wee bit o’plundered loot will be a helpin’ pull this off.

    Ya, all be blessed and not be seein’ Fiddler’s Green or visitin’ Davy Jones Locker soon.

    Cache Maine and hollora
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