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    I'd just like to take this opportunity to ask all our members to try and recruit new members to our great website. What I usually do is when I see a cacher who has been to my cache and isn't a member,I email them with a welcome and direct them to our site. Or a lot of times I like to go back to some of the caches that I have visited over the last couple of years and if I see a name I am not familiar with I email them an invitation to come and join in the fun. Hope to see more new members with us soon.
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    I've been doing the same for months, Haffy! LOL!

    And I always personally PM each newqcomer and welcome them to the site.

    I agree - the personal tough always helps.

    Only trouble is... For the next event, we may have to rent the Augusta Civic Center...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhereRWe?
    Only trouble is... For the next event, we may have to rent the Augusta Civic Center...
    You stole my idea!

    Seriously, I've thought about it and invite people that want to learn more about it but don't know where to begin... It doesn't cost a lot to rent the rooms but it's the food that kills you.. and you can't bring in outside food...

    Maybe a few of us could split the cost and host something like that....

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    Post fun for kids

    My son came home from school one day to proclaim, " theres free stuff out there ". He got the info at school. If we could get together a few of us to teach kids about the outdoors. Geocaching would fit in. I know some of you allready do this. It's a captive audience and it's free to all. We could invite a parent in the day of the hunt. Go in the am and hide on school grounds temporary caches for the kids to locate. Even make it a multi to find the others. A virtual too. This builds math skills team leadership, all kinds of good stuff. I would have no problem setting this up down here in southern Maine. Let me know how this sounds to you. We can even set up a weekend hunt close to the school for those interested in knowing more.
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