Seems this one is in trouble. The cache has to be one of my all time favorites. A tad of a challenge but loads of fun and beautiful. It is a bit outside of Jonesport.

The logs indicate the ammo box is empty, the bag was located in another location, question of if the ammo box is even where it belongs ~ the logs tell a long story. Everyone who has found the cache has tried to help in some small way but this needs help.

The owner posted they have moved away and can not maintain the cache. They are willing to adopt it to a new cache owner.

If I lived closer I would be willing - anyone Downeast who may be interested?

And FYI - to anyone who is going to make a wise comment about me being the Cache Police...but I do have a pretty new coin which says that on it.....this is not the case. I just noticed the posting by the cache owner and thought I would share it.