Ok folks, I would love if someone could try to educate me about what my nifty new Colorado CAN use for maps. (400T)

So far I have added the Map source metro guide NA, all I can say is I am less than thrilled with the detail of the maps. Half the fire lanes here are not shown, locations of POI in Rockland are so far off its not even funny, and side by side comparison with a Magellen explorist with the BASE map showed just how poor the map was showing unpaved ways.... It was hard to swallow my pride and admit that my $700 color unit had less detail than his $300 black and white.....Gulp

Topo gives more detail in many instances than the metro, and if both are selected many land/water features of the topo are lost.
Are there options for loading other maps?

I may be doing something wrong, overlooking a setting or just suffering from delusions. But, what gives?

I am thrilled with the performance of the unit, love being able to change profiles, and the info loaded directly as a pocket querry works great for my casual use as a geocacher.
Bill R