After several months of work, I'm pleased to formally announce the Maine International Geocaching Geocoin.

This coin began with the picture of that very famous sign in North Waterboro. The other side was inspired by some of those old "Greetings from Maine" postcards from earlier in the 1900's.

Specs: The coin is 1.75" tall. This is slightly larger than the Maine geocoins. Without the post at the bottom, it's almost the same size as the Maine geocoins. If feels smaller though because the coin is only about 2/3 as wide as a round coin. It's 3mm thick or just slightly thinner than the Maine geocoins (I think those are 3.5mm). All coins are done in Black Nickel so the lettering on the sign is in black. The coin is done in hard enamel so both sides feel pretty smooth. "Maine" uses red glitter paint. The coin is trackable on with its own icon ; the codes use the custom "KM" prefix.

There are two versions; both share the same postcard side (the middle coin). The regular edition (RE) is a plain white sign (the coin on the left in the picture). The Limited edition (LE) has glow-in-the-dark enamel and looks slightly off-white in regular light (the coin on the right).

There are 200 of the RE coins. You can buy these for $9.00/ea. Shipping for the first is $2, and $0.50 for each after that.

There are 50 LE coins. These are for trade or gifting or release.

These coins arrived on my doorstep this afternoon so they're ready to hop into envelopes and get delivered to you. If you want to save the shipping you can pick them up at the Maine Pirate Quest event on 4/12. You can also see me at my workplace in Augusta on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday most weeks. Or you can make special arrangements with me to meet me in the Portland vicinity on evenings or weekends.

To order the coins, send me a message through my profile containing the following information:
Your GC handle
Your real name
Your Paypal email address
How many RE coins you'd like to purchase
Whether you want to ship the coins or pick them up.

In turn I will send a Paypal invoice to you within 24 hours. Pay it and I'll set aside your coin(s) or mail them to you.

Note that if you want to pick them up, cache (er, cash) or checks at delivery are just as good and neither of us will have to hassle with PayPal.

I'm giving the Mainahs first crack at these coins. I'm not going to post on the geocoin forums until after the Maine Pirate Quest event. I expect 200 will go pretty quickly, especially once it's been posted on the geocoin forums... if they last past the Pirate Quest event that is

Lastly, if this coin sells out quickly I'll do the other two signs - the Presidential sign and the other version in South China.

Any questions, please post or send me an email.

Thanks, Barry