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    Cache Hiding Tips
    It’s spring and I’m sure many of you are thinking of placing caches as soon as the snow melts. Due to a few recent events, outside of Maine, I’d like to offer some cache hiding tips.
    • Always mark the outside of your cache container, clearly identifying it as a Geocache. Groundspeak sells stickers that are ideal for this purpose. Sometimes, the stickers can even be found on eBay.
    • Consider using clear containers, especially in urban areas.
    • Consider the reactions that non-Geocachers will have when they see people searching for a cache, especially in urban areas.
    • Always get permission before placing a cache, but also consider communicating with other land owners and users in the area.
    • When searching for a cache, be aware of the other people watching you. Land owners, managers, officials and employees are not muggles. They have a right to know what you are doing. You may assume they know about the cache as every cache is placed with permission.
    • If you find a cache or situation that may cause concern, please contact your reviewer or Groundspeak.
    • If you know anyone in the law enforcement field, talk to them about Geocaching. Let them know there are Geocaches in their area.
    The following links provide more recommendations for hiding and seeking caches.
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    Thanks for the excellent reminder Tat.
    I'd really rather not cache, but I am helpless in the grip of my compulsion!

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