a geocoin could be adopted?
I received an email this morning from GC.com with the subject title: Log deletion notice. In the email it mentioned a geocoin whose name did not ring a bell to me. I clicked on the link and it said “cannot review archived logs” so I clicked on the owners profile to see if I could figure out what the geocoin in question is. Apparently someone has adopted a coin that I probably grabbed umpteen years ago that I can’t even remember. Looking at the picture of the coin, it’s a nice coin too. But it looks as if this person adopted the coin from the original owner and then deleted all the logs that had been associated with it. It also appears that he is also keeping this coin for his collection to bring to events for people to discover. He deleted all the logs associated with it and then renamed the coin slightly to start it off as a new coin. Its not a big deal (its just a game) but I thought it was odd. The only problem is that I lose the geocoin icon from my coin finds and so does everybody else who ever logged this coin.
Has this happened to anybody else?