I need some opinions here. Tink and I are contemplating right now on whether we are going to do our fourth annual Slipping into Summer event this year. Originally we did not think we were going to be able to host it because Tink has been sick and out of work since mid December. However things are looking up. She had surgery on Friday and is recouping very well. We’re hoping she will be 100% again in two weeks. Right now we are not sure if it will be June or July. Our son (Chris) in going into the Marines (bummer) and we are thinking about having family and close friend’s over for a BBQ for him in June. We have not picked that date yet.

We would still like to have the Slipping into Summer event in June but it would probably take too much out of us to have two weekend events at the house in one month. This is why we are thinking about doing it in July instead. We really like the idea of the pig roast because it is very easy to do once all the stuff is here at the house. All you have to do is light the coals and wait (set it and forget it). The only thing that is a pain about it is getting it all organized prior to the event and the cleanup the day after. We like the idea of having people come to an event and not have to worry about brining a dish or anything.

If in July it could possibly be the weekend of the 12th.

Our questions to everyone are.

  • Would everyone still be interested in attending if it was in July?
  • Does everyone like the idea of keeping it a pig roast?
  • If you have other ideas other then a pig roast lets hear them?
  • If you would not like to see the event let us know this too?