I have been placing some caches in the Machias area this spring and I am still working on a bunch more. I have been focusing on placing quaility caches in quaility areas. Last fall I heard about an area which I thought would be great. It is called Compass Rock in Cutler, ME. It is located on Maine Public Reserve Land.

Compass Rock is a large ledge type area a few miles in the woods off a four wheeler trail. The ledge has a large compass carved into it. According to the old timers in the area, the early settlers of Cutler used this rock as a navigation tool while hunting. There are several other rocks similar to this all around Cutler, but this seems to be the only one on Public Land and easily accessable. Cool; Right! I thought so too. So I did some more research and went out to find Compass Rock.

I found the area with no problem, but there was a problem! The ledge is completely covered by thick moss. I kind of feel that peeling the moss back off the ledge would go against all that Geocaching stands for. What do you all think?

Also, do think the area would still be a good place for a cache without actually getting to see the compass? Is just the story enough? It is a nice area, but it's not really anything special; except for the rock.

Thanks guys!