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Thread: dubord207 Reaches 500!

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    Yes Dave, 500th as well as my 400th and 1000th and who the heck knows what other milestones and great caches we have done together. Many memories.

    I understand that when someone gets to be your age the memory comes and goes. LOL

    And just to keep this thread from going off topic. Congrats Dubord on the awesome milestone

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    I'm not congratulating Dan. It's his poor Secretaries, who need congratulating! I'm retarded and me....I meant..I'm retired and I can't keep up with him! Oh, also I'm changing his car's name to UNIVAC.....He's got them thar pute things to do all the cachin' for him!

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    Default Congratulations Dan!

    One attorney to another, way to go!!! I don't understand Mapachi's complaint, freedom to adjust your schedule is the primary benefit of being self employed! Also having a good staff is important. Most of the time my office runs better if I am not there, so I am being considerate when I make my mid-day FTF runs!

    Great job Dan!!


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    Default 500

    Thanks for all the kind words. Mapachi and Lexano are both right. I have been fortunate to work with the same 2 secretaries that I hired 31 years ago and having them at the office and having no partners to answer to allows me the freedom to cache as much as I want.....and lately I've certainly felt the urge just about every day. I remember when very early on Haffy made a comment "Addicting, isn't it?" Must be some truth to that! I'm happy to have picked up this new hobby and most of all to have met so many nice folks that share my passion for this game. Thanks to all!
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